Art Remastered

Organized and conceived by Kamila Glowacki, Art Remastered has occurred annually at Krannert Art Museum (KAM) since 2017. Rather than only utilizing the museum space as a performance venue, Art Remastered taps into the strengths of local musicians as artists and storytellers and invites them to share their unique creative responses to the art on display.

The museum becomes a lab for musicians across various musical genres and backgrounds to expand their creative practice, a sanctuary for audience members to reflect and experience artworks through alternative perspectives and modalities, and a space for communities to gather and share in the experience of each performance.

Sharon Li at Art Remastered 2018. Photo by Veronica Mullen.

Art Remastered 2017, 2018, 2019

From 2017–2019, Art Remastered existed as a live music event in which six local musicians from a variety of musical genres performed an original song written in response to an artwork of their choice at KAM. During the event, the audience moved together from gallery to gallery — like an alternative tour of the museum led by the sonic interpretations of each musician.

Art Remastered from Home, 2020

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting effects on the music industry, Art Remastered pivoted to a digital platform in 2020 in order to provide support for musicians. Art Remastered from Home invited previous participants to revisit their original Art Remastered song and share an encore performance from home along with a curated playlist of songs in coversation with their chosen artwork.

︎Visit the Krannert Art Museum website to watch Art Remastered from Home performances and learn more.

Art Remastered 2021

Art Remastered 2021 was an evolution of the original concept behind Art Remastered, but reimagined to offer a safe space to gather in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. Krannert Art Museum, Allerton Park & Retreat Center, and the School of Music at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign partnered to premiere What Stays Behind, a site-specific composition for strings and percussion by Andrew Rodriguez.

What Stays Behind was performed by twelve students from the School of Music at Allerton Park’s Sunken Garden and Krannert Art Museum’s East Gallery, where the exhibition, A Question of Emphasis: Louise Fishman Drawing was on display. At each performance, audience members roamed freely throughout the space and in between performers to immerse themselves within an audible landscape. 

Teddy Lerch (left) and CJ Run (right) at Art Remastered 2018. Photos by Veronica Mullen.

Olguie Freyre-Homar at Art Remastered 2017. Photo by Veronica Mullen.

Kayla Desouza (left) and Maddy Marsan (right) at Art Remastered 2017. Photos by Veronica Mullen.

Eric Stanley at Art Remastered 2017. Photo by Veronica Mullen.
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